look out, kid.
i can’t watch.

nbc does a series called the fleecing of america. now that i know what that means, i feel the need to use it here. we are experiencing a fleecing of modern dance in america.  i recently had the extreme misfortune of seeing yet another downtown dance performance. and though it pains me to say it, it will be my last for a long, long while. i don’t think my blood pressure can take it any more. I am, after all, approaching 30. i need to protect my health. 

this isn’t an impulsive decision. it’s been a long time coming. this show just broke the dancer’s back. during the show, i actually thought, if i focus hard enough on looking enraged, maybe they will give up. maybe they will stop. alas, they persisted. at another moment i thought, wow, they really have some nerve showing work in nyc. and that just kills me. if this is the work being presented here, in new york fucking city, what in god’s name is on stage in idaho? jesus christ. 

it’s very disheartening for me, as someone who has dedicated her life to dance, to be submitting a vote of no confidence in the field. but honestly - it must stop. i love dance and i can’t stand to watch it. how do we expect anyone else to sit through these shit shows?

i can’t help but think of kaiser’s piece about the lack of good work out there. i don’t agree that artists today are deficient - there is plenty of innovation happening in dance and it should be noted, with much less support. but that is massively overshadowed by the exorbitant amount of bad work being presented. wtf are the professors telling these bozos? i’d like to just blame the artists, but i can’t disregard the irresponsible educators and curators that have really discredited the field. 

our work is by no means “modern dance.” i often call it performance art, lately dance and theater and then i mumble something about us having scripts. but no, i think i’ll drop the dance bit altogether. “we talk and move about.” the only works i have seen in the past 6 months that i found inspiring and goddamn entertaining were theater works. and that is a fucking travesty. but so be it. dance field: until you start presenting better work, i am done buying your damn tickets.

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